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More Testimonials

"Hi Ellen.  It was lovely to finally meet you. I feel very reassured that Mags and Momo are in wonderful hands! You can tell you LOVE what you do as it shows."

~ Carrie, owner of Magnum (rabbit) and Mohawk (guinea pig)

~ December 2017

"Thank you, Ellen.  I will be surely calling you again.  Really appreciate all you have done.  Happy New Year!"

~ Darlene, owner of Louis and George (cats)

~ December 2017


"Reliable, professional and caring. We couldn't ask for a better pet sitter."

~ Suzanne, owner of 3 goats, 5 horses, 4 dogs, 1 pig, chickens, 1 rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, and 1 bird (Conure)

~ November 2017

"I have been using Ellen Wilcox for over three years to look after my hobby farm while I'm away. Not only is she highly reliable and professional, my animals get the utmost care and attention. I get updates daily while I'm away, photos to enjoy of my animals, and come home to my barn, stalls, and coops cleaner than I ever get them. I have complete peace of mind while I'm gone and have the benefit of a highly skilled farm sitter with multiple equine first aid, pony club, and 4H certificates under her belt."

~ Sue, owner of Archie, Edith, Greasy Phil, Hemily, Snowshoe, Small Fry (emus), Morgana & Geisha (horses), Arya & Zoey (dogs), Chesney (cat), Duke & Duchess (ducks), Bing Crosby (aka Mrs Turkey), and the hens

~ November 2017

"Ellen is amazing. She looks after our little dog and he loves her. We are lucky to have someone like her to look after our dog while we are away!!!!"

~ Michelle, owner of Java (Shih Tzu)

~ November 2017

"We can't thank you enough for watching our boy while we were away!!"

~ Malerie, owner of Vernon (Golden Doodle)

~ October 2017

"Hi Ellen. I can not begin to thank you enough for taking in Silver when I was away. You went above and beyond what a typical sitter would. Not only that, but you helped treat his upset stomach.  And I won't even begin to say thanks for not hanging up on me when I called repeatedly! LOL Seriously thanks so much!"

"Ellen is fantastic. She offers a very nice home and went above and beyond what I was expecting."

~ Gareth, owner of Silver (Husky mix)

~ September 2017

"Thanks for everything, Ellen.  I truly appreciate you … Thanks for giving me peace of mind when I’m too far away from my boys. xo."

~ Barb, owner of King, Kuz and Wiki (horses)

~ August 2017

"So grateful for having such an awesome lady such as yourself to watch our girls!! Thank you so much for making our girls feel like they were at their home away from home! We will DEFINITELY be using your services again, any time we're going away and can't bring them with us."

~ Tabetha and Dale, owners of Clover (Golden Doodle) and Pearl (Multi-poo)

~ July 2017

Jan:  "Ellen, the house, horses and hounds all look fantastic.  Everything looks neat and tidy.  Such a blessing to come home to.  It’s a great feeling to know that we can slip away for a short vacation and have somebody here reliable and bomb proof just like Tom [Jan’s horse].  Thanks again."

Paul:  "Thanks so much for the weekend.  I have complete confidence in you and that allowed me to enjoy the weekend away."

~ Jan and Paul, owners/caregivers to 14 horses, 6 dogs, 4 goats, a flock of sheep and lambs, and 1 cat

~ May 2017

"Couldn't be happier! Ellen is amazing. She is always updating owners and provides amazing care!"

~ Christine, owner of Bear (German Shepherd), Jazzy and Hope (horses), Charlotte (piglet), and 11 chicks

~ May 2017

"Thank you for loving her!! You are the best Ellen. It took us a little while to find someone who could "appreciate" her personality the way we do. You are perfect!"

~ Jennifer & Scott, owner of Katie, the Beagle

~ March 2017

"So once again, thank-you so much for taking care of things - especially as this time it didn't go to plan at first!"

~ Suzanne, owner of 3 goats, 5 horses, 3 dogs, 1 pig, chickens, 1 rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, and 1 bird (Conure)

~ March, 2017

"Ellen has looked after our crowd here numerous times! Top notch. Highly recommend her services."

~ Linda, owner of Maggie and her puppies, Delilah, Murphy and Henry (dogs), Annie, Luscious and Sox (cats), Lucy, Doris, Daisy, Charlotte and Ralph (Scottish Highland Cattle), pigs, sheep, and chickens

~ December 2016


"Ellen has looked after my crazy menagerie many times. Top notch service!"

~ Sue, owner of Geisha, Morgana (horses), Zoey, Arya (dogs), Chesney (cat), Edith & Archie (emus), turkeys, roosters, chickens and ducks

~ December 2016

"Thanks so much Ellen for taking care of Oreo when we were gone :) It was so convenient that you were able to accommodate us last minute too! Oreo seemed to have a great time and your updates kept us from worrying about her. We will definitely be calling you again. And it looks like come Saturday we will have TWO pups for you to watch!"

~ Julie and Carter, owners of Oreo, the Border Collie

~ August 2016

"Thanks for all your extra work in my dirty ol barn! Everything looks great! I am beyond happy with your service. My boyz look marvelous. ..happy healthy relaxed..all I ask.  Thanks again for everything."

~ Barb and Jeff, owners of King, Kuz and Wiki (horses)

~ July 2016


"Ellen came and took care of my 15 horses, and two big dogs on Saturday. Can't say enough about how wonderful it was to be away from home and not to have to worry. I got pics and updates and when I got home my barn was cleaner than when I left. It doesn't get better than that!! Thanks Ellen!"

~ Amanda and Martin, owners of Daisy, Missy (dogs), and 15 Miniature Horses

~ June 2016

"So cute!!! Thanks for taking such great care of Java!"

~ Steve & Michelle, owners of Java, the Shih Tzu

~ June 2016

"You are a barn goddess!!"

~ Colin & Sherri, owners of Ruby, Molly, Ozzie (horses), Fender, Griffen (goats), Taco, Burrito (dogs), Witteg, Buffer, Marcus

   (house cats) & 3 barn cats

~ May 2016


"Great job!  We're having a great time, but we miss the boys.  We do so appreciate your bulletins on the boys..make us feel good about their stay..keep them coming!!!  Thanks again."

~ David & Lisa, owners of Max (dog) & Curly (cat)

~ April 2016

"I miss her to bits!! It looks like she is having a great time as always with you!! 🐾"

~ Lauren, owner of Maggie (dog)

~ April 2016


"Thanks for doing this, what would we do without you!"

~ Suzanne, owner of 3 goats, 5 horses, 4 dogs, 3 pigs, chickens, 2 rats, rabbits & bunnies, 2 guinea pigs, and 1 bird (Conure)

~ March, 2016

"Thank you so much for everything, once again it was wonderful to come home to such happy critters and a lovely clean house and barn. We really appreciate it."

~ Suzanne, owner of 4 ducks, 3 goats, 5 horses, 4 dogs, 1 pig, chickens,2 rats, rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, and 1 bird (Conure)

~ December, 2015

"Have to give rave reviews to Ellen again for her above and beyond service!!! Everything always looks better than we left it and all the critters are happy!"

~ Sue, owner of Geisha, Morgana (horses), Zoey, Arya (dogs), Chesney (cat), 2 emus, 6 turkeys, 2 ducks, 13 chickens,

   and 4 chicks

~ September, 2015

"Thank you so much, Ellen! Everything was perfect. We really appreciated the attentive service."

~ Jane, owner of Slick, Strider, Mac & Fig

~ September 2015

"Came home to an organized barn and happy animals. Ellen Wilcox you rock. My dogs didn't even miss me!"

~ Jan, owner of Cliff Top Farm (approx 30 sheeps, 5 goats, 5 dogs, 3 cats & 8 horses)

~ September 2015

"I don't know what we would have done without you that very first year Ellen! Four days before our flight, when our (Fliss'!) plans changed! If Dee hadn't recommended you, I don't know what we would've done (and we NEEDED to make it home). It's a huge relief having someone stay overnight on the property, it makes going away a lot easier! And thanks for kind words about the Princesses, I think they're lovely too."

~ Clare, owner of Cory, Felicity (horses), Ralph & Lucy (cats)

~ September 2015

"Thanks again for everything.  We will most definitely be contacting you in the future and will highly recommend you to anyone who requires an experienced farm sitter."

~ Donna, owner of Two Sails Farm - Edgar & Bento (dogs), goats, chickens, turkey, ducks, & several cats

~ September 2015

"Thank you so much for looking after our babies. You give such great care and our cats loved your hugs and cuddles."

~ Sandra, owner of  Buddy, Scamp, Raven, and Susan (aka "Squeaky)

~ Robin and Lauren, owners of Mushy, Tanni, Jacob, Cheddar & Pepper

~ August 2015

"It was great to come home from a week away to a clean and tidy home and barn (better than I left them!) and most importantly, happy healthy pets and livestock. I had no worries leaving my large and varied selection of critters including dogs, horses, goats and guinea-pigs with Ellen and would highly recommend her. I have booked her again. Thanks Ellen!"

~ Suzanne, owner of 3 horses, 6 goats, 1 pig, 20 chickens,10 rabbits, 5 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, 2 rats, and 1 Conure  bird

~ May 2015

"I just wanted to say what an excellant job Ellen did for me, during my week away at my cottage. She cared for my two miniature horses and I was secure in knowing they were in good hands. She gave them lots of love and apples, so they stayed happy and content. Great job Ellen see you soon."

~ Carolyn, owner of Courtney & Nellie, Miniature Horses

~ May 2015

"This makes me happy! We will definitely be repeat customers!!"

~ Sheri, owner of Sable, Rottie/Lab cross

~ May 2015

"A big thanks to Ellen at The Horse, Pet & Livestock Sitter for taking such great care of our little dog, Roxy. Roxy was kept safe and happy in a home setting (no kennel) for the two weeks we were away. Ellen kept in regular touch with me while I was gone. I even got an email from "Roxy" telling me all her news! LOL I never had to worry about Roxy while I was away and will definitely be calling Ellen again in the future should we need her services!!! If you want your pet to have a home away from home then The Horse, Pet & Livestock Sitter is the place to call!!! Thanks again Ellen."

~ Heather, owner of Roxy, the Shih Tzu

~ February 2015

"The critters were all very happy for all the attention and care as usual and of course I'm overly impressed with the 'above and beyond' service I always get!!"

~ Sue, owner of Geisha, Morgana (horses), Zoey, Arya (dogs), Chesney (cat), 1 turkey, 2 ducks, and 6 chickens

~ February 2015

"Bella only ever liked one other dog and that was Gabe ....that's good enough for me to know how special you and Gabe are to all dogs you touch in your life!!!!"

~ Philip, owner of Bella the Beagle

~ November 2014


“Awe!  Kev's debut on the World Wide Web!  With his famous dog sitter, Ellen!  She's the best."

~ Ashley, owner of  Kevin, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

~ November 2014


Ellen, thank you so much for looking after our kitties.  They were in very good hands.  I don't think they even missed us, they were so contented.  I am so glad that you have started your Pet Sitting. Just to know that our pets are in such good hands, helps you enjoy your time away."

~ Sandra, owner of  Buddy, Scamp, and Susan (aka "Squeaky")

~ Robin and Lauren, owner of Mushy, Abby, Jacob, and Tanni

~ August 2014

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did watching my babies this weekend.  It was great to come home to a spotless barn, house and happy animals.  I really appreciate you having Elisa and Maria’s stalls ready for them when I got home so late on Sunday.  See you in two weeks!"​

~ Tessa, owner of Leroy, Nellie, Penny, Maria, Elisa (horses), Mini (dog) and Sheila (cat)

~ July 2014

“Just got back and I must say, I’m extremely happy!  Not only did my horses look happy and healthy, Ellen went the extra mile.  My stalls were not only already set up for tonight’s feed so all I had to do was bring my girls in after a long day on the road, my stalls and barn were cleaner than I ever get them.  Will definitely be calling again!​"

~ Sue, owner of Geisha, Morgana (horses), Zoey, Arya (dogs), Minnie, Chesney (cats), 1 rooster and 14 chicks

~ April 2014

“What a fantastic spring cleaning session at Rhaman Stables!  Huge thanks to Ellen Wilcox, stable mucker-outer extraordinaire and all-round great gal to have around a stable.”

~ Dee, owner of Rhaman Stables

~ April 2014

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