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"I highly recommend Ellen if you’re looking for loving, responsible, trustworthy pet sitter!

I hired Ellen for 3 weeks to pet sit my potbelly pig Gordy while my husband and I went on our honeymoon.

This was the first time we left for a long period of time and Ellen took all my worries away! I could tell he was so loved and cared for while we were away. I got daily updates and photos and my heart was so happy knowing he was in great hands.

Gordy and I are super thankful for Ellen. She’s the sweetest person and you can tell she is a huge animal lover! Thank you so much again Ellen"

~ Jenna, owner of Gordy, the 12-year-old pot-bellied pig

~ September 2022

"Thanks again, Ellen.  You allow us to go away as a family and not worry about our babies and know they are being extremely well taken care of."

~ Melanie, owner of Avery, Zenny, Jordi (dogs), Edward, Harry, and Sophie (cats)

~ May 2022


"Ellen cared for our 3 doodles in our home while our family went on vacation to NYC. She gave us daily updates and made sure we knew they were being well cared for. We came home to happy doggies and a sparkling clean house as an added bonus. We truly appreciated her wonderful services and won’t hesitate to contact her again when our doggies need care."

~ Carrie, owner of Murphy, Guiness, and Fergus (dogs)

~ May 2022

"You are amazing Ellen.... the animals were so well looked after... and the house and barn were spotless...the dogs still miss you and Toby.... "

~ Jackie, owner of Emery, Olive (dogs), Mack, and Shorty (horses)

~ April 2022

"I was referred to Ellen by a friend who had used her services and told she was amazing…. Well she did not disappoint!! Ellen stayed in my home with my 4 dogs (1 of which was super shy and took 5 days just to trust her enough and go near her). She updated me daily on the pups and sent pictures. This reassured me that the dogs were ok and most importantly - in good hands. I can not say enough… how pleased I am with her services and highly recommend her. We will be using her next time we travel. Thank you Ellen!"

~ Brandi, owner of Nova, Harley, Vegas, and Rio (dogs)

~ March 2022


"I highly recommend Ellen Wilcox she looked after our farm twice. Best decision ever!"

~ Kim, owner of 9 dogs

~ February 2022

"We are very lucky to have you in the neighbourhood Ellen! Duke always came home from you as loved as we left him. Thank you."

~ Mitch, owner of Duke, Remmie (dogs), Tumble, Bailey (cats) and the chickens

~ January 2022

"Walter said 5 stars.  Edgar said 4.9 because he's a jerk.  Bento gave 7 stars.  I tried to explain to him for at least an hour that it was a five star scale.  He still went with 7."

~ Donna, owner of Walter, Edgar, Bento (dogs), Method Man, Toshi (cats), chickens, and goats

~ December 2021

"When I lost the services of two teenage girls that look after my dogs/cat for many years Ellen was recommended to me by a mutual contact.  I have to tell you that she is just amazing and I would highly highly recommend her for any animal daycare/furbabysitting.  I had no worries the whole time away.  We kept in close contact with updates and I felt she gave the utmost care and attention to my dogs/cat.  I will definitely use this service again.  There is no hesitation in recommending Ellen - she is the best!"

~ Lynn, owner of Gracie, Lucy (dogs), and Rosey (cat)

~ August 2021

"She does amazing job.  I never worried [once] about my horses or dogs. The barn was spotless you could have eaten off the floor. Highly recommend her she is worth every penny!!! Thank you Ellen"

~ Sue, owner of Gunner, Chevy, Shaggy, Rugger (horses), Hunter and Cash (dogs)

~ July 2021

"Hi Ellen.  What a treat!  I came home to a house cleaner than it was when I left.  And the barn looks so tidy ... Thank you, thank you so much, above and beyond for sure!  I wish I could have you here all summer!"

~ Louise, owner of Dexter, Rosie (dogs), Runi, Boda (goats), Sonny, Cher (donkeys), Monday (Betta fish), Eggatha (hen), 3 chickens (hens), and 2 Guinea hens

~ June 2021

"So good to see him [Monty] connecting with other dogs, thank you Ellen."

~ Terri, owner of Monty (dog)

~ May 2021

"We have used Ellen’s services for dogs, cats both boarding and day care.  Ellen is dedicated,,,knowledgable and truly cares for her charges! We trust her to take care of our boys!"

~ David, owner of Cooper (dog) and Findlay (cat)

~ May 2021

"We used Ellen’s pet sitter services for the first time this weekend. She was absolutely wonderful! She took our dog overnight and tended to our chickens at our home. She provided us with updates on our furry friends and gave us peace of mind so we could enjoy our time away. I 100% recommend Ellen’s services and we will be back!"

~ Ashley owner of Lucky (dog), Tuffy, Nala, and Chalky (chickens)

~ April 2021


"Dino and Harry love coming to visit Auntie Ellen and Toby"

~ Trina, owner of Harry and Dino (dogs)

~ March 2021


"Amazing care for our super cute puppies! Here in Mount Uniacke. Very cute pics!!"

~ Dave, owner of Rocky and Cooper (dogs)

~ March 2021

"Thank you so much!  You made my vacay a lot more relaxing!  I really appreciate it!"

~ Jenna, owner of Georgia, Harrison (dogs), Boo and Gizmo (cats)

~ March 2021

"Ellen looked after our place twice last year, what a great experience! She was very professional and all our animals loved her! It was so nice to get away and know our animals and our home were well cared for. I highly recommend!"

~ Kim, owner of 9 dogs

~ March 2021


"I can vouch for Ellen. She loved my little Roxy and took great care of her when we were away on vacations. Ellen has had a love and passion for animals her whole life and I should know because I've known her practically her whole life!! She's compassionate, dependable and knowledgeable. You can rest easy knowing your dog, cat, horse, cow, chickens, sheep, iguana, hampster, llama etc, etc, etc are being very well cared for while you are away."

~ Heather, owner of Roxy (Shih Tzu)

~ March 2021


"Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of the critters.  We always know they are in excellent hands!"

~ Donna, owner of Edgar and Bento (dogs), goats, cats, and chickens

~ December 2020

"Ellen is wonderful. She puts your mind at ease and is very particular about caring for your property and animals. And having her present makes the entire experience so much safer for your home and animals. Ensures your insurance coverage too."

~ Linda, owner of 1 house cat, 8 barn cats, and 17 chickens

~ November 2020


"Ellen looked after our dogs this weekend for the second time. You can tell they love going to visit Ellen because they bolt for her door as soon as they are let out of the car at her house. She obviously looks after them well and treats them right. They come back and are completely exhausted, clearly a sign they have enjoyed their visit. Will definitely take our dogs to Ellen again!"

~ David, owner of Tala and Parker (dogs)

~ November 2020

"Ellen was absolutely amazing to our 7 animals! She had our dogs sleepover, turned our chickens in and out, and checked on our cats. She treated them like they were her own! We won’t hesitate to trust her with our pets again."

~ Jacquie, owner of Duke, Remmie (dogs), Bailey, Tumble (cats), Doug, Martie, and Blanche (chickens)

~ September 2020


"Ellen stayed at our home to look after our cats, chickens and ducks while we were away.  She was absolutely wonderful!  Everyone was very well taken care of and we received nightly updates that the chicken's/ducks were tucked in and all the cats were in the house for the night. I felt no stress or worry of leaving the pets for they were in experienced hands.  Ellen is such a lovely, kind and professional animal sitter, very thorough.  We will most definitely be hiring her again and we wholeheartedly recommend Ellen.  Thank you Ellen!"

~ Maryanne, owner of Whitney, Otis, Peanut, Cletus (cats), ducks, and chickens

~ September 2020


"Thank you so much!  It’s been such a pleasure to interact with you Ellen you have my complete trust and admiration.  I’m so anxious to see the fur and feather babies and to sleep in my own bed even though it was a marvellous break!"

~ Linda, owner of 1 house cat, 8 barn cats, and 17 chickens

~ August 2020


"Ellen, thank you SO much for looking after the kits! Everything was great when we got home!"

~ Tannis, owner of Bo, Tinky & Minnie (cats)

~ August 2020


"Ellen kept our puppydog while we got away for a weekend during Covid when no one else was open. We immediately felt this was the best and right place for Nelson. She is very calm and let's your dog sleep anywhere in her home. She is not in a rush at pick up or drop off and really puts her heart and soul into it and making sure everyone is comfortable. Thank you Ellen!!!"

~ Alison, owner of Nelson (dog)

~ August 2020


"You have taken such great care of our farm and our critters, thank you."

~ Linda, owner of 4 dogs, 3 cats, 4 ducks, 5 sheep, 2 rabbits, 7 cows, 2 unicorns, 3 flamingos, a flock of chickens, and 8 chicks.

~ July 2020

"Hi Ellen, thank you for taking good care of everything. I will trust you again with the critters and the house.  Impressed by how nice you have done the barn and chicken houses."

~ Christine, owner of dogs, cats, donkeys, guinea fowl and chickens

~ July 2020

"A huge Thank You to Ellen for her excellent care of my 3 cats! I came home to 3 very happy and relaxed cats, and a super-clean apartment as well. I highly recommend Ellen and her pet sitting service! The fact that she really loves all animals shines through in the work that she put into animal care.THANK YOU ELLEN!!!!"

~ Tannis, owner of Bo, Tinky & Minnie (cats)

~ July 2020

"Thank-you for taking such good care of the animals. I'm so happy to see them all and they are all well and content."

~ Suzanne, owner of Oliver, Zeus (horses), Theo, Scrumpy, Snap, Simon (dogs), Walter (cat), Crystal, Skittles (conures), Odie, Riley, Prince 

   (goats), bunny rabbit, Guinea piggy, and a flock of chickens

~ March 2020

"My pittie babies are being looked after by Ellen, The Horse Pet and Livestock Sitter. This woman is absolutely amazing. She cares for your animals as if they were her own. I am totally confident in her abilities to look after my precious dogs while on vacation. It is so refreshing to see someone so conscientious and knowledgeable regarding dogs. My pitbull has some health issues and she surpasses my expectations, treating him like the king that he is.  Both my pitties are literally at a pittie spa!!!!!!!! Thank you, Ellen"

~ Rita, owner of Cubby and Coco (dogs)

~ January 2020

"Ellen looked after my 6 horses,2 cats and 2 dogs for a week while we went to Vegas. It was so nice to get daily reports and pictures of how things was going. She asked all the right questions before we left and I had no issues in using her again and recommend her to my friends also. I feel my pets are in great hands with Ellen. Thanks so much for treating these guys like your own."

~ Cindy, owner of Zena, Zona (dogs), Suzie, Squawkie (cats), Raffie, Sage, Bailey, Sassy, Viper and Quixote (horses)

~ December 2019

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