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"We are lucky to have you caring for Coop while we’re away!"

~ Dave, owner of Cooper( Yellow Lab)

~ November 2019

"Thank you for everything that you have done whilst you are there, we have been really pleased with the service that you have provided for us."

~ Tracy, owner of 11 sheep, 2 cattle, 2 calves, 11 goats, 5 pigs, 12 piglets, 27 turkeys, chickens, pullets, and chicks.  

~ November 2019

"Thanks for taking such great care of everyone. 😘"

~ Linda, owner of Henry, Murphy, Delilah, Maggie (dogs), Sox, Luscious, Clumsy (cats), Sophia, Carlo (rabbits), Ralph, Daisy, Charlotte (cattle), two calves, Jack Ramsay, Myrtle, Mable (sheep), two lambs, Anastasia, Natasha (pigs), chickens, and ducks.  

~ October 2019

"The horses look content and the barn is wonderful.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of everyone and everything ... We couldn't be more pleased and definitely could not imagine anyone else but you to look after the horses and kitties."

~ Carolyn & Mike, owners of Scarlett, Cruz (horses), Jet, Rocky, and Judy (cats), and Judy's three kittens

~ August 2019

"Thank you so much for the years of great service, peace of mind, and great care for our critters!"

~ Sue & Sheldon, owners of Zoey and Arya (dogs), Chesney (cat), Morgana and Geisha (horses), Archie, Edith, Snowshoe, Hemily, Small Fry, Greasy Phil and Snowshoe (emus), Bing Crosby (turkey), Duke and Duchess (ducks), PJ, Pearl, Lola, Sansa, and Frieda (chickens)

~ August 2019

"Carter loved this place and we will definitely be back soon!"

~ Rey & Michelle, owners of Carter, Boston Terrier

~ August 2019

"Everything is perfect, Ellen ... I didn’t worry at all- had a sense of kindred beliefs."

~ Linda, owner of cats and chickens

~ June 2019

"A huge Thank You to Ellen for her excellent care of my 3 cats while we were in Cuba! I came home to 3 very happy and relaxed cats, and a super-clean apartment as well. I highly recommend Ellen and her pet sitting service! The fact that she really loves all animals shines through in the work that she put into animal care.THANK YOU ELLEN!!!!"

~ Tannis, owner of Bo, Tinky & Minnie (cats)

~ April 2019

"Big <3 to our awesome farm sitters who don't just put up with our high maintenance furry family members throughout the year, but are working during the holidays and miserable winter days. I know I appreciate The Horse, Pet & Livestock Sitter!!!"

~ Sue, owner of 2 horses, 4 emus, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 ducks, 1 turkey, and several hens

~ December 2018


"You have been such a big help and confidence booster with me and working with Gus and I really believe his visits with you are a huge part of his growth!!"

~ Lauren, owner of Gus and Maggie

~ November 2018

"Ellen is fantastic! She kept Russ very happy while I had to travel for work and couldn't take him with me, and was very accommodating for his needs.  Thank you so much for being his home away from home!"

~ Nicole, owner of Russ (Amstaff/Boxer mix)

~ October 2018

"Hi Ellen, thanks so much.  We so appreciate what you do for us."

~ Linda, owner of 4 dogs, 2 cats, 3 rabbits, 4 pigs, 9 Scottish Highland cattle, 3 turkeys, 21 chickens, and a flock of sheep

~ October 2018

"Thanks for caring for everyone Ellen! Brady and Molly are definitely water pups. They are used to having their own pool at our place too, so I'm sure they felt right at home with you!"

~ Julie, owner of Brady, Molly, (dogs), Peppa, Georgia (guinea pigs), Tucker, Patchy-Patch, and Gizmo (goats)

~ July 2018

"... it was great for you to pick her up and she was well looked after.  Thanks."

~ Donna, owner of Pepper (Black Lab)

~ February 2018

"We are so fortunate that we have you to rely on when we go away -- I know the farm and all of the animals are always in the best of hands."

~ Donna, owner of Edgar and Bento (dogs), cats, chickens and a herd of goats

~ January 2018

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